Baselines for the framework development of co-creation

This report is the initial version of the codesign methodology.  As a result of collaboration among partners responsible for hackathons and codesign activities, it was gathered ideas regarding the types of hackathons required for the initial phase of testing e-DIPLOMA software solutions. Additionally, first guidelines for coordinating codesign workshops are also included. The report includes […]

Initial analysis conclusions of the e-learning ecosystem for practice-based learning with disruptive technologies

This report is based on the “Deliverable 2.2: Review of e-learning ecosystems”, which investigates the remote e-learning practices using disruptive technologies on experiential subjects aiming to discover existing opportunities, barriers, and risks. The main aim of this review was to improve our understanding at a European level of how well educational institutions can use disruptive […]

EduHackFest: Beyond education with XR and AI – e-DIPLOMA hackathon for co-designing the next-generation e-learning platform

The e-DIPLOMA project is currently in its co-design phase, and as part of this exciting endeavor, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming EduHackFest hackathon on November 11th – 12th, 2023, with the invaluable support of DigiEduHack. EduHackFest invites visionaries and innovators to unleash their creativity and harness the potential of emerging technologies such as […]