From Concept to Creation: Initiating Co-Design for the First Prototype

We are excited to share the progress we are making in our journey to create a significative programming learning experience. As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation on education, we have initiated co-design activities for Prototype 1, a groundbreaking experience that combines block programming learning through immersive virtual reality with the assembly of Arduino […]

Exploring Education’s Horizon: TU Delft XR Hackathon Recap

In the realm of education, TU Delft (TUD) recently hosted a Hackathon aimed at exploring the potential of extended reality (XR) technologies. This event brought together participants with diverse backgrounds and skills to tackle challenges in the XR landscape. Driven by a shared passion for innovation, teams collaborated to develop creative solutions throughout the day. […]

Triumphs in Education: EduHack Fest Unveils Trailblazing Solutions and Creative Learning Experiences

Greetings to all education innovation enthusiasts! EduHack Fest has concluded with great success, leaving a trail of creativity and groundbreaking solutions. We are pleased to announce and congratulate the brilliant winners of EduHack Fest in the categories “Best Solution” and “Best Gamification System.” Winners of the “Best Solution”: ROBOMATH A hearty applause for Team ADAM CHAT! […]

Celebrating Success: HunJam 2023 Triumphs in Collaboration and Innovation

We are delighted to share the resounding success of the second edition of HunJam 2023, a remarkable event organized by Games Hungary Association in collaboration with three esteemed universities: Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Metropolitan University (METU), and Central European University (CEU). Held as part of the e-Diploma project, this year’s HunJam brought […]

Embrace the Future of Education at EduHackFest 2023!

In the dynamic world of education, staying at the forefront of technological advancements is essential. It’s all about bridging the gap between emerging technology and education, and that’s exactly what EduHackFest is here to accomplish. Time is running out, and today marks the final day to secure your spot in this thrilling Hackathon. Join us […]

HunJam 2023: Game Development Hackathon with BME and CEU

Are you ready to take on a creative challenge in the world of game development? If so, mark your calendars for the upcoming HunJam 2023, a 48-hour Hackathon that promises to be an exhilarating experience for game development professionals, as well as aspiring game designers, artists, and coders. This exciting event is organized in collaboration […]

BME and UJI are shaping the future of E-DIPLOMA with Immersive E-Learning Co-Design Workshops

Exciting Updates from the e-DIPLOMA Project: Co-Design Events Ignite Innovation! The e-DIPLOMA project continues to gather momentum as we recently hosted two dynamic co-design events, one in UJI (Spain) and another in BME (Hungria) that brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including students, parents, developers, and educators. These sessions were instrumental in shaping the […]

Baselines for the framework development of co-creation

This report is the initial version of the codesign methodology.  As a result of collaboration among partners responsible for hackathons and codesign activities, it was gathered ideas regarding the types of hackathons required for the initial phase of testing e-DIPLOMA software solutions. Additionally, first guidelines for coordinating codesign workshops are also included. The report includes […]

Initial analysis conclusions of the e-learning ecosystem for practice-based learning with disruptive technologies

This report is based on the “Deliverable 2.2: Review of e-learning ecosystems”, which investigates the remote e-learning practices using disruptive technologies on experiential subjects aiming to discover existing opportunities, barriers, and risks. The main aim of this review was to improve our understanding at a European level of how well educational institutions can use disruptive […]

EduHackFest: Beyond education with XR and AI – e-DIPLOMA hackathon for co-designing the next-generation e-learning platform

The e-DIPLOMA project is currently in its co-design phase, and as part of this exciting endeavor, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming EduHackFest hackathon on November 11th – 12th, 2023, with the invaluable support of DigiEduHack. EduHackFest invites visionaries and innovators to unleash their creativity and harness the potential of emerging technologies such as […]