This report is based on the “Deliverable 2.2: Review of e-learning ecosystems”, which investigates the remote e-learning practices using disruptive technologies on experiential subjects aiming to discover existing opportunities, barriers, and risks.

The main aim of this review was to improve our understanding at a European level of how well educational institutions can use disruptive technologies for practical, hands-on learning. 

The report was built on:
– Analysing recent research papers on using disruptive technologies for hands-on learning.

– Conducting workshops to identify values related to potential learning scenarios with disruptive technologies.

Analysing surveys on the current state of distance learning in higher and vocational education institutions in participating countries, with a focus on hands-on teaching.

The main research question of this report was:

What are potential, opportunities, barriers, accessibility issues and sustainability and ethical risks of using emerging technologies for teaching and learning?

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