Greetings to all education innovation enthusiasts! EduHack Fest has concluded with great success, leaving a trail of creativity and groundbreaking solutions. We are pleased to announce and congratulate the brilliant winners of EduHack Fest in the categories “Best Solution” and “Best Gamification System.”

Winners of the “Best Solution”: ROBOMATH

A hearty applause for Team ADAM CHAT! Comprising students from 1st and 2nd grades in Robotics and Mathematics, this talented group has conquered the “Best Solution” category. Their innovative proposal, has been recognized as the best prototyped solution during the intense EduHack Fest weekend.

ADAM CHAT has not only won locally but will also represent the event internationally in the #DigiEduHack final. Their creative approach and exceptional skills have redefined distance learning, marking a milestone in the education revolution. Congratulations to each team member, including Diego Marzá Fuertes, Juan Carlos Rivas Perez, Silvia Ubis Herrero, David Ballester Pirchmoser, and Guillem Fustier Castillo!

We thank Facsa, Ciclo Integral del Agua, for sponsoring this award and contributing to the education revolution.

Winners of the “Best Gamification System”: TIMELOON

Another special recognition goes to the team that took home the award for the “Best Gamification System.” This multidisciplinary team, composed of experts in game development, artificial intelligence, and Business Administration, has transformed the learning experience through exceptional gamification in their prototype.

Congratulations to each team member, including Alba Forner Franco, Ignacio López Lozano, Joan Vicens Vallés Cervera, and Jaume Barrios Forner. Their unique and creative approach has left a lasting mark, motivating future students to find excitement in their studies. We appreciate Cuatroochenta (480) for sponsoring this award.

In summary, EduHack Fest has been a feast of educational innovation, and these winning teams have shown that education can be exciting, creative, and transformative. Congratulations to all participants for contributing to this education revolution!


Until the next edition of EduHack Fest!

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