e-DIPLOMA Newsletter 02 March 2023 – Sept 2023

Our second newsletter is out, including a video of the e-Diploma meeting in Delf, information about our International Workshop: Integration of Emerging Technologies into Education and Training and more interesting news! You can read it here. Make sure you are up to date with the e-learning ecosystem and subscribe: https://n9.cl/onamz LEGAL NOTICE  GENERAL INFORMATION SECURITY POLICY Facebook Twitter […]

Exploring the eDiploma Project’s Transnational Meeting in Delft

In the charming city of Delft, Delft University of Technology recently played host to a significant event poised to shape the future of e-learning. The eDiploma Project, an ambitious initiative seeking to innovate education through emerging technologies, organized a transnational meeting. This gathering brought together a diverse group of professionals, including researchers, educators, and experts […]

e-Diploma’s Resounding Success at the 3rd Cyprus Networking Festival 2023

The e-Diploma project has left an indelible mark on the prestigious 3rd Cyprus Networking Festival of 2023. This visionary endeavor, dedicated to elevating the realm of e-learning to new heights, took center stage with its groundbreaking fusion of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning/Deep Learning), Interactive Technologies, chatbots, and gamification, all meticulously integrated into […]

e-DIPLOMA Newsletter 01 Sept 2022 – March 2023

Our first newsletter is out, including a video summarizing the key points of the e- DIPLOMA project, our last events and exciting news! You can read it here: https://n9.cl/48l2h Make sure you are up to date with the e-learning ecosystem and subscribe: https://n9.cl/onamz LEGAL NOTICE  GENERAL INFORMATION SECURITY POLICY Facebook Twitter Youtube Mail-bulk Linkedin © 2022 […]

Cluster Workshop on Integration of Emerging Technologies into Education and Training

On July 12th and framed within the #MIS4TEL23 International Conference, we had the privilege of hosting a cluster workshop focused on the “Integration of Emerging Technologies into Education and Training” in the beautiful city of Guimarães, Portugal. This workshop was a collaborative effort, organized by the cluster of our sister projects, which brought together five […]

Eurographics Symposium on Rendering Techniques 2023: A Resounding Success in Delft, Netherlands

Eurographics Symposium on Rendering Techniques 2023 took place in Delft, Netherlands, bringing together researchers, engineers, and architects from various backgrounds to explore performance-oriented graphics and imaging systems research. The conference focused on innovative algorithms, efficient implementations, languages, compilers, parallelism, and hardware architectures for high-performance graphics. The goal was to foster discussions about the complex interactions of parallel […]

BRAINSTORM Unveils EDISON: Revolutionizing E-Learning with Interactive Virtual Reality

The world of e-learning is constantly evolving, and technological advancements are reshaping the way we acquire knowledge. In this digital era, Brainstorm Multimedia, a leading innovator in the field, has introduced EDISON, a groundbreaking software that promises to transform the e-learning landscape. During the recent International Sociological Conference in Melbourne, BRAINSTORM showcased the immense potential […]

The ETHNA System Project: Shaping Responsible and Open Science at the Final Conference

The ETHNA System Project is reaching the culmination of its efforts and is preparing for the highly anticipated Final Conference. This event will showcase the results of the Research and Innovation Governance Ethical System developed over the past three and a half years. The conference aims to promote responsible and open science while inviting sister […]

Empowering Educators Through Digital Education: A Reflection on Educator’s Day

On February 15, 2023, Faneromeni Secondary School hosted a remarkable event in celebration of Educator’s Day. The focal point of the day was a presentation that delved into the realm of digital education, shedding light on an ongoing project and its deliverables. This blog entry aims to provide an overview of this significant event and […]

Unveiling the Latest Innovations: Edison 5.1 and eDesk at Bett UK 2023

The prestigious Bett UK event held at ExCeL London from March 29th to 31st, 2023, provided an exciting platform for showcasing the latest developments in education technology. Among the notable innovations presented were Edison 5.1 and eDesk, offering new possibilities for immersive presentations and videos. Edison 5.1 demonstrated its progress, taking advantage of the newly […]