Ethics is a key issue in the e-diploma project. The use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality together with the implementation of AI techniques in e-learning, but also in face-to-face learning and teaching, is a topic that the European Commission takes very seriously.

That is why e-diploma will develop an Ethics Plan on how to address this issue.To deal with this issue, the UJI and the CSI met this week in Nicosia.

In these meetings, Rubén García from UJI and Sotiris, Afxentis and Athina from CSI agreed on the next steps to design the first version of the Ethics Plan.

This plan will be constantly updated throughout the life of the project as it is implemented because different phases of the project require different approaches from an ethical standpoint.

In addition, another topic discussed in these meetings because it is closely related to ethics is the Data Management Plan. This plan is also a “living document” because different types of data are collected in the phases of the project.

In addition, sensitive data will be collected to determine the impact of the new educational modules that will be developed in the project. How to manage, protect, access, anonymize or store this data is part of what is covered in the Data Management Plan.