The e-DIPLOMA project is divided into eight work packages, each of which is focused on one specific topic. WP2: Focused view on European current situation of elearning and co-creation of educational practices with emerging technologies has the aim to analyze and optimize the current situation of the e-learning ecosystem for digital transition to emerging technologies.

Within the framework of this Work Package, each partner conducted a survey on sustainability and ethical dimensions of e-learning systems and practices, focused on how sustainable and ethical e-learning systems with emerging technologies are.

The University Jaume I, coordinator of the project, held its survey as a 2,5h workshop. The participants of the group workshop were heterogeneous: students, educators, technical support personnel at institutes, educational technology developers, in order to gather representative information from different sectors. The participants were divided into 4 groups, with 4-5 people each with mixed roles and conducted in their national language.

The session started with each group receiving a one page description of a ruptured technologies scenario (4 scenarios), where they were encourage to imagine themselves as students or teachers in this learning scenario.

After the first phase, the survey respondents were asked to select the different values that relate the learning scenario with ruptured technology. The objective of this phase is not only to collect information but also to encourage them to work as a team, discussing the answers and orchestrating the work.

The final step was to initiate debate between teams where each team had 5 minutes to orally expose their answers and 5 minutes of open discussion between teams.

The main objective of this activity was to build a general understanding of the current situation of ethical and sustainability dimensions of learning scenarios with ruptured technologies.


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What an interesting event!